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Abandoned bike: Subcategory
Abandoned vehicles: Subcategory
Animal Nuisance: Subcategory
Damaged, dirty or missing bin: Subcategory
Drains: Subcategory
Flytipping: Subcategory
Graffiti and flyposting: Subcategory
Illegal Parking: Subcategory
Parks/landscapes: Subcategory
Road or pavement damage: Subcategory
Safety fences and barriers: Subcategory
Signs and bollards: Subcategory
Street Entertainment: Subcategory
Street cleaning: Subcategory
Street lights: Subcategory
Street works and obstructions: Subcategory
Trees and plants: Subcategory
Vehicles and bikes: Subcategory
  • To help us locate the problem, include both a close-up and a wide shot
  • Avoid personal information and vehicle number plates

Public details

Report details

These will be sent to Westminster City Council and also published online for others to see, in accordance with our privacy policy.

e.g. ‘Rubbish dumped on Example St, next to post box’

e.g. ‘Six large bags of rubbish, including shoes and clothes…’

  • Be polite
  • Use exact locations
  • Say how long the issue’s been present
  • Don’t identify or accuse other people
  • Don’t include private contact details in the description

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